Everyday English – How to make a plan with a friend

Are you ever in a situation where you want to say something in English but you don’t have the right words and phrases? This series of conversations will help you to become more confident speaking in different real-life situations. Do the exercises and practise the conversation, then see if you feel more confident! Today’s conversation focuses on how to make a plan with a friend and it will give you some common useful phrases to use in everyday conversation.

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Exercise 1 – Quickly read the conversation in my photo and decide what type of plan the friends are making (a surprise party plan, a social plan, a business plan….) Now read it again and answer the questions

  • What is the first suggestion?
  • Why doesn’t her friend want to do that?
  • What do they decide to do instead?
  • Why is this a good decision?
  • When are they going to meet?

Exercise 2 – Spend some time looking at the useful phrases taken from the conversation. Can you understand the meanings and uses? These phrases are very common in real English. Now try to complete the gaps below without looking at the photo

  • What a____ y____ u____ t____ next weekend?
  • Do y____ f____ meeting for lunch?
  • I can relax tonight because I____ a____ done my homework!
  • You should go to Bangkok. The market is definitely w____ seeing!
  • If you don’t want to get an Indian takeaway, h____ a____ Chinese food i____?
  • Let’s go and see the new Jason Bourne film. I____ h____ it’s really good.
  • I’m starting piano lessons next week. I____ a____ w____ t____ learn how to play so I’m really excited.
  • I think we need some time off work. I’ll get on the internet this weekend and I____ b____ u____ a relaxing holiday.

Check your answers against the photo – Did you make any mistakes?

Exercise 3 – Now try to write your own example sentences using the useful phrases. If you are working with a friend you can test each other by making an exercise like mine

Exercise 4 – Find a friend, flatmate or family member to practise the conversation with. One person is a) and one person is b). Keep going until you can do it without the photo 🙂 Extra challenge – When it’s perfect, swap roles or change the plans. You can also try recording yourself on your mobile phone to hear your pronunciation!

cropped-speech-bubble.pngHow was it? Feel free to ask me questions if you found it difficult. You can also write your answers to the exercises in the comment box or send me a message 🙂 Remember: Next time you are making a plan, try to use these phrases!

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