how to be a good English guest

Everyday English – How to be a good English guest

It’s nearly Christmas! Maybe you have been invited to spend a festive meal with an English family? So how can you impress your host and make sure you get another invitation next year?!
Just use this English vocabulary to keep everyone happy and get conversations going…….

When you arrive:

Your house is lovely! Have you lived here long?

When the food arrives at the table:

That looks/smells delicious!

When you try the food:

These potatoes/sprouts/mince pies are so tasty! How did you cook them?

When you are offered more food:

No, thank you. I’m full, but it was delicious!

When you are leaving:

Thank you. I’ve had a lovely time. You must come to me next time!

Find a willing partner to practice those English phrases with ๐Ÿ™‚ Can you do it without looking?!

By the way, it’s also customary to take your host a gift. Flowers, wine or chocolates are all equally welcome in English households!
What’s the best gift to take to dinner in your countries?

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Nicki is a Cambridge qualified, experienced English teacher for foreign learners. She loves helping English learners to learn real English and communicate with confidence!

4 thoughts on “Everyday English – How to be a good English guest

  1. When my friends invite me for dinner in their house, I like bringing some homemake cakes to share… Always a success x

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