ask for a favour in English

How to ask somebody for a favour in English

Today’s lesson focuses on how to ask somebody for a favour in English and it will give you some language for describing common favours.

1) Look at the conversation below and answer the questions

  • Are the people speaking good friends, colleagues or strangers? How do you know? (The style of language changes a lot depending on who is speaking)
  • What is the favour in this conversation?
  • Does the other person agree to the favour? Is he happy about it?
ask for a favour in english

2) Look at the phrases highlighted in orange

  • What do you think these phrases mean? Can you guess the meaning from the situation?
  • Can you think of other situations where you could use these phrases?

3) Look at the list of favours below

  • Have you ever asked somebody for one of these favours?
  • Has anyone asked you to do one of these favours for him/her?
  • Which vocabulary is useful for you? Write it down in your notebook.
english vocabulary favours

4) Find a friend, flatmate or family member to practise  your English with

One person is asking for a favour and one person is agreeing to the favour . Practise the conversation in Exercise 1. Keep going until you can do it without looking at the conversation! Extra challenge – When it’s perfect, swap roles or change the favour. You can also try recording yourself on your mobile phone to hear your pronunciation!

How was this lesson for you? Feel free to leave me questions or comments below. Remember: Next time you need a favour, try to use this language! Oh and if you want to refuse a favour, try this language.

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2 thoughts on “How to ask somebody for a favour in English

  1. Thank you for the useful vocabulary! I’m going to try to use this in my life… I like ‘you twisted my arm’

    1. Yes, that’s a great phrase! Thanks for your feedback Marie. That’s great to hear 🙂

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