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“I’m looking forward to…”

‘I’m looking forward to’ is a fantastic English phrase to use when you are talking about upcoming plans and events that you are excited about. English people use it ALL THE TIME!


I’m looking forward to is to describe your positive feelings about something that will happen in the future. You are essentially saying: I’m waiting for this thing to happen and I’ll be very happy when it does!


Perhaps you have booked a holiday for next month and now you are really ready to go because you’ve been working hard recently, so you are looking forward to your holiday.
Perhaps you haven’t seen your Mum for a long time but next week she is coming to visit you, so you are looking forward to seeing her.


This lovely chunk of language can be used with two different structures.
1) subject + be + looking forward to + noun (e.g. We’re looking forward to our holiday)
2) subject + be + looking forward to + ing verb (e.g. I’m looking forward to seeing my Mum)


You: Did I tell you I’ve booked two weeks in Barbados?
Your friend: Oh wow, I bet you can’t wait!
You: Yeah. I’m really looking forward to just lying on the beach and drinking cocktails all day!

By the way, I bet you can’t wait is also a great expression that you can use to make yourself sound like a native English speaker πŸ˜‰


BUT…. you can also change the meaning to become negative by adding ‘not’

You: Apparently we’ve got a 3 hour meeting at work tomorrow!
Your friend: I know. I’m not looking forward to that at all!



What are YOU looking forward to in YOUR future? See if you can write an English example using this phrase and leave me a comment below πŸ™‚

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Nicki is a Cambridge qualified, experienced English teacher for foreign learners. She loves helping English learners to learn real English and communicate with confidence!

10 thoughts on ““I’m looking forward to…”

  1. I’m looking forward to visiting my son in the village soon

    1. Ah that’s a lovely use of this phrase Linda! Enjoy your time with your son!

  2. I am looking forward to seeing my husband in Thailand next week.

    1. That’s a brilliant (and grammatically perfect) example Krueyok! I hope you have a lovely time with your husband πŸ™‚

  3. Lookin forward to, discibe something that will happen in the future, and it is a good expression the student could use in a conversation with someone.I am lloking forward to receiving some more expressions like this,thank you .

  4. I am looking forward to having sunny days in Antalya this summer!

      1. I am looking forward to endding the war in my country.

        I am looking forward to hearing good news about my sister.

        1. Well done for trying the writing challenge! These are great, heartfelt examples Amani.

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