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How to post a parcel in an English-speaking country

It’s that time of year already. You’ve bought all your Christmas presents, wrapped them beautifully and now you just need to send them! If you’re living in England (or any English-speaking country), you may want to post something back to your home country. It would be quite easy to do this without speaking to anyone in the post office but actually it’s an ideal time to practise your English. It’s a straightforward transaction with set phrases so try the exercises below to master it for your next post office visit.

1) Listen to the ‘Real English’ conversation

Is the transaction in the post office successful?

2) Answer these questions about the conversation:

Where does the woman want to send the parcel?
What does the post office assistant use to check the weight?
How much does it cost to post it first class or second class?
Which one does the woman choose?
Does she choose recorded delivery? Why/Why not?
What does the post office assistant give her at the end of the transaction?

3) Listen again whilst reading the tapescript below. Check your answers from Exercise 2

Hi, I’d like to send this to Germany please.
Ok, just pop it on the scales……That’ll be £7.50 first class or £5.00 second class.
First class please.
And do you need recorded delivery?
What does that mean?
It means the person receiving the parcel has to sign for it.
Oh no, that’s fine. It’s nothing valuable.
£7.50 then please.
Here you are.
Thank you. £2.50 change……Ok,that’s all done for you. Here’s your receipt.
Thank you. Have a good Christmas!

4) Practise your speaking 

Find a willing friend or family member and practise the conversation together. One person wants to send the parcel and one person works at the post office. Keep going until you can do it without looking at the tapescript.

If you are living in an English-speaking country, put it to the test! Then let me know in the comments below how it went 🙂


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