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Singing along to improve your English pronunciation

There are LOADS of reasons why music is a fantastic way to improve your English and you can find a few of those reasons here.
But, one quick exercise you can do with music is simple – Just choose an English song and learn it! Doing that can widen your English vocabulary and it will definitely improve your English pronunciation because you have a clear model to follow and you focus on rhythm and intonation.

In case you are stuck for a suitable song, I have suggested 3 great English songs below. Choose the right song for your level and then try these tips:

  • The first time – Don’t read the lyrics, just close your eyes and listen to the story/enjoy the music
  • The second time – Follow the lyrics and see if you can just silently say the words in time to the music
  • The third time – Try to sing along but don’t worry if you can’t keep up all the time. After that, you can check any vocabulary you didn’t understand from the context if you want to but remember it’s not important if you don’t catch every word.
  • Finally, sing along loudly and with confidence – you can even dance 🙂 Make sure that song gets stuck in your head until your find yourself singing it on the way to work, at the gym and in the shower!
    A great result is that these ‘chunks of language‘ will start to come naturally to you in everyday conversation too and you will be using lovely, natural English pronunciation!
    So, that’s all, just choose your song below and get started!

Perfect for low levels 

Brilliant for intermediate students

(Hmmm, I noticed a couple of mistakes in this one – see if you can spot them!)

A great challenge for high levels

(Phew, that one is pretty fast, even I struggled to keep up!)


If you enjoyed singing along to one of these songs, let me know in the comments below! 🙂

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Nicki is a Cambridge qualified, experienced English teacher for foreign learners. She loves helping English learners to learn real English and communicate with confidence!

14 thoughts on “Singing along to improve your English pronunciation

  1. Hi Dear Nicki
    The songs were very interesting and beautiful
    I listened and enjoyed them several times.
    please explain this sentence I don’t understand (I felt like there was something missing in my day to day). Thanks

    1. Ah I’m so happy you enjoyed this listening/pronunciation task Shery!
      To answer your question, ‘day to day life’ basically means your everyday life so the singer is saying that there was something they wanted in their life, that they didn’t have (for example, love or happiness). I hope that make sense now when you re-listen.
      Keep enjoying music, it’s a great way to improve your English 🙂

  2. Hi my lovely teacher! Thanks a lot again for your amazing effort to help us to improve all our skills of the english language.
    I’m feel very proud to be part of the great comunity of your marvelous students who want to advance in this way.
    I want to say you, I sang the second song, Intermediate Level, it seems something fast but the experience was good.
    I hope you have a wonderful Day

    Best regards and have a nice week


    1. Ah thank you so much for your kind words Jimy. I’m so pleased you are enjoying the learning experience and improving your English. That makes me very happy!!

  3. Hello dear Teacher, thanks for your innovations to motivate me to improve my english. I was very pleased to hear the songs and to sing with singers. I am from Bulgaria / Plovdiv . Maybe you know that it is the olderst live town in Europe and the forth in the world. That is the reason my town to be selected for European capital of culture together with Matera-Italy. Sorry I am not sure for the spelling. There are many guests and i want to improve my speakings skills. That is why i decided to follow your brilliant lessons. Thanks for your efforts . Have a nice day.

    1. Hi Kalinka! Congratulations on becoming the European capital of culture (with Matera). That’s great news. And I’m sure, as you say, that it is bringing a lot of visitors to your lovely city, what a great reason to improve your English! I’m so pleased you enjoyed the blog post and that you are using my lessons to motivate you, that makes me very happy 🙂 Keep up the hard work! Nicki

  4. Thanks your advices are s good

  5. I like this site very much.It is useful. Thanks amillion😊

  6. Hi Nicki, I would like to say ‘thank you’ for the many free exercises with useful links, that offer numerous possibilities !
    Today I’m happy about the lovely songs 😄
    I’m also excited about the specially tailored subscriptions ! I could significantly improve my English skills in a really short time.
    Best regards
    Ulrike – from Germany

    1. I’m so pleased you enjoyed the songs Ulrike, 3 very catchy tunes 🙂 It really is a fun way to work on pronunciation. Thank you for all your nice comments about my website in general too, that’s great to hear!

  7. Hello teacher, I’m from Venezuela and Im very motivated to learn and improve my english. I heard the first video, it seemed interesting, I was singing too, there was several words I didn’t understant, but I feel cool. Thanks a lot for your great help. God bless you.

    1. Ah Jimy, it makes me so happy that you tried the challenge!! Like you said, it doesn’t matter about all the vocabulary as long as it improves your confidence and you enjoy learning! Thank you for brightening my day with your lovely feedback 🙂

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