Here are some of the quotes from happy English learner (taught in class and online)

cropped-speech-bubble.png  “I learned so much with Nicki, I’m really grateful for all her help. She made me reconsider my techniques and learning style and suddenly everything clicked.” Diego, Spain

img-20161123-wa0001“Being taught by Nicki is great fun. But what’s most important is it’s also very effective.” Gaby, Germany

cropped-speech-bubble.png  “Nicki is a very kind, funny lady.  She made my lessons so nice and interesting and I can speak English much better now.  I have lots more vocabulary and I don’t feel so shy.” Hye-jin, South Korea

cropped-speech-bubble.png  “I am a grandma to a little girl growing up in England and I didn’t want to miss out on her childhood. Now I feel like I have enough English to make small talk in England when I visit her and I don’t feel like the only person sitting in silence!” Marie, France

cropped-speech-bubble.png  “Nicki is really organised and all her lessons feel structured and well-planned.  I like the fact that she does regular revision as it makes it easier to remember all the new vocabulary.” Monika, Switzerland

cropped-speech-bubble.png  “My English has always been pretty good but I just wanted to have a few refresher lessons before I went travelling in America.  We worked on natural expressions and useful language for different situations (complaining in a restaurant, negotiating prices, etc) and that was really helpful. I liked how the lessons were aimed exactly at my needs and not trying to keep a whole group happy. I would definitely have more refresher lessons with Nicki in the future.” Dennis, Germany

cropped-speech-bubble.png  “Thanks to Nicki’s materials, I am finally interested in languages and I love speaking English – I hated it at school! Now I am going to continue learning until I am good enough to work in England!” Sayaka, Japan

cropped-speech-bubble.png  “I had a wonderful time in Portsmouth and I loved learning English with Nicki  🙂 I won’t forget this experience. Thank you Nicki!” Ali, Oman

wp_20161108_10_14_31_pro“Nicki is very supportive and helps you to feel confident about your English. Her lessons make it feel easy to learn and you can make quick progress.” Hani,  Saudi Arabia

cropped-speech-bubble.png  “I learnt lots of nice English phrases – street language not classroom language! So I can do lots of things in English speaking countries now like go to the shops or use public transport and I can talk about many things with English speakers.  My pronunciation is much better too so people can understand me!” Bobby (Narawit), Thailand

 cropped-speech-bubble.png  “I think my English is very good now and I have lots of useful vocabulary.  I can also understand all the people I meet and when I use the phone.” Ahmet, Turkey

cropped-speech-bubble.png  “When my family first moved to England, it was very hard for me because everyone spoke English better than me.  I couldn’t say anything. Nicki was very kind and patient and now I feel much better and happy that I can communicate.” Fatima, Saudi Arabia

vero“I’m very grateful to Nicki for all the help in order to improve my English. She is kind and patient, always finding new ways to engage with her students.” Veronica, Venezuela

cropped-speech-bubble.png  “I have just started using Nicki’s online materials and already feel like I’m making progress with my English! I can’t wait for the next pack to arrive!” Julia, Poland

*Minor language errors in these testimonials have been corrected at the request of low level students but no meanings have been changed

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