It was worth it English vocabulary

“It was worth it!”

I can’t express how useful this phrase is! It’s definitely a little chunk of English vocabulary that you should write down in your notebook and highlight and underline!Then, the next time you are having a conversation in English, slip in this expression and impress them with your fantastic use of English 🙂 Find out how to use it correctly below.

It was worth it describes your thoughts on whether a difficult experience had enough of a positive result to stop you regretting it. You are basically saying: That was really difficult but the end result was great so I don’t mind all the hard work.

Perhaps you have spent a whole day climbing a mountain. You are hungry, thirsty and tired. Your feet are covered in blisters and you ache from head to toe. BUT THEN….You reach the top of the mountain and the view is absolutely breath-taking (see the photo at the top of this post). You know all the hard work was worth it!
Or perhaps you have spent a lot of time at work recently, working overtime and missing your lunch breaks. It’s been really tough and you miss your family but then your boss gives you a brilliant promotion with a huge pay rise so you decide it was worth it!


The view from the top was incredible! It was definitely worth the blisters!
After an exhausting month, I got a promotion so it was worth it in the end!

You can also change it to a negative meaning using wasn’t.

We travelled all the way to London on a boiling hot day to surprise my brother but he wasn’t at home so it wasn’t worth it!

Can you think of any difficult experiences in your life that were worth it? Write your sentence in the comments box at the bottom of this page 🙂

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